Wikipedia Writers – My Wikipedia Page Flagged For Undisclosed Payments

Undisclosed Paid Edits

A recurring issue faced by many individuals and companies wanting a Wikipedia page is having flags for undisclosed payments (like the one above) and close connection appear on their page after it has been published. Many a times, this is a result of hiring amateur Wikipedia writers to save a few bucks at the risk of your Wikipedia page being flagged and potentially deleted.

This is a sticky situation and the bad news is that there is no quick fix.

How does it happen?

Paid Wikipedia Writers and Editors will sometimes use disposable accounts to publish a page. While creating this account, amateur writers will often use the same IP address as their previous Wikipedia account and when they are a subject of sock puppeteering investigation, all accounts created with the same IP address are found out and pages either flagged or deleted.

So what are your options?

Your first and best option is to wait it out. Don’t get another Wikipedia Writer to fix the issue immediately because the administrator who flagged your page will probably be monitoring it. Any edits made at this point will be reversed and there is further risk of your Wikipedia page being deleted.

You should wait at least a couple of months. Thereafter contact Wikipedia Writers to help you edit your Wikipedia page appropriately so as to be able to remove the paid edits tag.


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Hire Wikipedia Writers – The Process to Get Your Wikipedia Page Published

More often than not, potential clients who want a Wikipedia page are almost clueless about how the process works when you hire a Wikipedia writer to tackle this task for you. Here is a look into what to expect when you are ready to take advantage of a Wikipedia presence.

1- Initial contact

When you reach out to Wikipedia Writers through our contact us form, to get help with your Wikipedia page, it is a good idea to include a little bit of detail to help us get a better idea right off the bat. Details you should include:

  • The subject: Name of the of the person or company that the page is about
  • Previous attempts to publish and deletions
  • Available links to media coverage
  • Urgency if you are looking for a quick turnaround
  • Any questions that you may have since this may be your first time undertaking such a task

In case you don’t include these details, we will respond to your message and ask for them.


As you may be aware, Wikipedia has a set of the requirements that must be met for a subject to be considered notable for inclusion on the encyclopedia. A Wikipedia writer from our team will use the details you have shared to assess if the subject meets the notability criteria. If we feel there is a good chance the page would be deleted if published, we would let you know this in advance. We don’t want you to feel disappointed and lose your precious money!

On the other hand, if we feel confident the subject meets the requirements, we will share the cost structure and timeline with you.

3-Getting Started

When you are ready to hire Wikipedia writers , we will queue up the project and give you an approximate timeline for when you can expect the first draft.

4- First Draft

Wikipedia writers will create the first draft within the agreed upon timeframe and forward it to you for review. This gives you, the client, the chance to ensure all facts are correct and request changes where necessary.

Should you want us to add a photo or two to the page, please ensure you own the copyrights for those photos and that the said photos haven’t been published anywhere else on the internet.

If you need content changes, we will send you a revised version.

5- Publishing

After getting the final nod from you, we will publish the page. A Wikipedia writer will also monitor the page to respond to any feedback from the Wikipedia community.

Congratulations! You are now on Wikipedia! If you don’t know what benefits you can expect from your Wikipedia page, take a look at our home page.

Ready to start? Contact Wikipedia Writers today!



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Hire Wikipedia Writers – Why is my Wikipedia page so short?

Why is my Wikipedia page so short? 

Why isn’t there much content on it? 

Can you not make it like this other celebrity’s page that I shared with you?

These questions are a recurring theme when dealing with clients who want a Wikipedia page for themself or their company. Let’s be clear. Adding content to Wikipedia is not as simple as it looks. Here are some factors that will dictate how much content can be added.

1-Availability of  Quality Third-party References.

This is by and large the most crucial determining factor when it comes to filling up a Wikipedia page. The rule is simple; the more references that are available, the more content can be added. How so?

All facts present on your page must be backed by a quality source. That’s just how Wikipedia works. So if there is an important event that happened but there is no media coverage on it, it will be difficult to mention it on your page.

2- Wikipedia is an encyclopedia

Given that Wikipedia is presented as an encyclopedia, the information that’s to be added must be fitting for such a framework. Personal details like how your childhood was wouldn’t meet the Wikipedia rules and as such would be deleted if added.

Additionally, facts that do merit inclusion do not have to be written about in greater detail than necessary. If a reader is interested in learning more about you or your company, they could do so using the reference for that particular fact.

3- Wikipedia is not LinkedIn

Yes. A lot of times, clients want to mention each and every job they have ever done on their Wikipedia page. However, that would be a policy violation. Yes, Hire Wikipedia Writers could add everything to your Wikipedia page but then there is a good chance another editor would delete most of the ‘fluff’

Keeping the above factors in mind, when you hire Wikipedia Writers, we will do our best to add as much as possible as long there is no risk to the page being flagged.

Need help with your Wikipedia page? Hire a Wikipedia Writer today!




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Should You Hire Technical Writers For a Wikipedia Page

Should you hire technical writers for your Wikipedia page?

The answer is yes and no depending on your situation. If you the subject matter you want to create a Wikipedia page for (or edit one for that matter) is technical in nature, then yes it would be advisable to have someone who understands the technical side of the subject to do justice to it. Additionally, they should be able to answer queries raised by other Wikipedia writers and editors where the community needs clarification.

On the other hand, if your Wikipedia page is about a person or a business entity or an NGO for that matter, you don’t necessarily need a technical writer. This sort of content is not technical in nature and as such you don’t need a subject matter expert.

One thing to keep in mind when hiring technical writers is to consider that the cost would vary significantly. You should expect to pay between the factor of 1.5X and 3X for a technical writer.

Do you need help with your Wikipedia page? Contact us today!

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Dear Wikipedia Writers , What Should I Do If My Page Is Vandalized?

That’s a query many potential clients come in with and they are normally distressed at this point. Understandably so. Wikipedia is the front page of the internet and a search for you name will generally show your Wikipedia page first if there is one. So when false or outdated information shows up, it’s certainly a cause for concern. Let Wikipedia Writers give you their input.

Firstly, Wikipedia has bots to detect vandalism. They are not very effective but if you are lucky, any nasty information added to your page may automatically alert an administrator or Wikipedia editor and they would generally reverse the changes that may have been made by the troll -this could be anyone; the employee you fired, your competitor etc.

If you find the changes made to your page are false, you may contact Wikipedia and they may in some cases reverse the said information so the page is restored to its original state. Wikipedia admin is not always helpful and may not be willing to fix particular issues.

You could also go in and try to remove the information yourself but unless you are fully informed about Wikipedia procedures and policies, this option could make the situation worse. It could lead to a conflict of interest flag being placed on the page, and your account being banned as well.

Your other option would be to hire Wikipedia Writers to help take over the case for you. Yes, it would cost you a bit of money but it will definitely give you peace of mind knowing you have an expert to deal with the mess. Not only would we be able to reverse the nasty additions, we could also help ban the troll altogether. It could be their username or if their IP address depending on how they made the edits. In addition, Wikipedia Writers could also help you update the page so it reflects all the latest information about you or your company so readers aren’t misled. In addition, we could also help monitor the page against future trolls so you never have to worry about what’s showing up on your page.

Whatever you do, make sure to regularly check your Wikipedia page so your image is protected.  Or you could hire Wikipedia Writers to take the stress off of your shoulders!



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What Do I Need to Study to Become A Wikipedia Writer

Great, you have decided to become a Wikipedia Writer – But what do you need to study to become one? Do you need specific academic qualifications and certifications? The answer is Yes and No depending on the kind of editing you are planning to get into.

Firstly, Wikipedia is a community of Wikipedia Writers and Editors, who have come together on a voluntary basis to maintain and update this massive encyclopedia for the general public for no cost at all.

This community has large mix of contributors from various backgrounds holding different qualifications – or no academic qualification at all.

While Wikipedia has no formal requirement for qualifications, it helps to know your subject area. Specially the technical fields.

If you are looking to update or add to a Wikipedia article on the human DNA, it would naturally be important that you know your material well. Since this is a technical subject requiring great detail, you should obviously have studied at university level to have some authority within the community and be able to defend your input when concerns are raised about the accuracy of your contribution by other Wikipedia editors.

On the other hand, when it comes to creating and updating basic articles such those about individuals and companies, it’s a much easier task to undertake since you are dealing with non-technical information or at least minimum technicality.

To sum it all up, you should have some expertise in your area of interest when dealing with technical subjects but you are as good as anyone else when creating or editing pages about individuals and companies. Let’s go Wikipedia Writers!!

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Language Courses for Wikipedia Writers and Editors

As an experienced Wikipedia Writer, I can tell you first hand that your written language is very important when contributing to the Wikipedia platform.

Poorly written content has a lot of drawbacks:

  • You are not taken seriously by senior Wikipedia Writers and Editors: That’s a fact. Often times, your contributions will be rolled back or entirely deleted because the quality of your written word isn’t upto par. Wikipedia writers and editors participate on a voluntary basis and not everyone is going to take the time to correct your spellings and grammar. The easier option is to simply delete what you have written no matter how important it may be.
  • Site visitors also will not place much importance to what is written if they can’t make out exactly what you have written. It’s a waste of your time and a waste of theirs as well.
  • You are accused of vandalism: I have to be honest; not every Wikipedia Writer and Editor is of the good kind. Some are quick to accuse you of vandalism just because what you wrote didn’t quite make sense to them given the language barrier.
  • Your account gets suspended/banned; that’s right. Some Wikipedia Editors will go as far as banning your account for consistently writing content that didn’t quite make sense to them.

While I am talking specifically about the English Wikipedia, it’s safe to assume the same cases arise for other language contributions as well.

If English isn’t your first language, but you want to continue improving the English Wikipedia, you aren’t too far away from your goal.

Here I have compiled a list of online language courses to help you improve your written word. Certainly, improved writing is not only good for Wikipedia but it will help you in your other aspects of life. So here we go:

EDX is my favorite. They have half a dozen ESL courses to choose from. Some of them are from reputable universities such as the University of Washington. These can also count towards your university credits, but be sure to check with your university.

Coursera also has a wide variety of English language courses to choose from. This will ensure your Wikipedia submissions are never again turned down due to poor spelling and grammar.

And lastly the well-known Udemy. For the budget conscious, Udemy is perfect. You could start perfecting your English for under $13!

Once you perfect your language, you too could work on getting to senior levels of Wikipedia Writers and Editors accounts. Let’s go!

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How to Become a Wikipedia Writer or Editor – Part 3

This is part 3 of How to Become a Wikipedia Writer article series. Click here for Part 1 and here for part 2.

Making a Notability Assessment

Before you go ahead with creating a Wikipedia page, it’s important to check if the subject qualifies for inclusion on Wikipedia; in other words, if the subject is “Wiki worthy”. To help make the distinction between a notable subject and a non-notable one, Wikipedia has set out a list of guidelines for Wikipedia writers to be able to make a decision. Let’s take a look at these.

General Notability Guideline

Wikipedia says;

Wikipedia Writers

Significant Coverage: This means that the source material doesn’t just give a passing mention of the subject. For example, if an article is about the health of Americans living in Europe, briefly quoting a doctor or any other individual within that article wouldn’t fall under the definition of significant coverage. The source material should directly talk about the subject (A person, company etc) for it to be considered significant coverage by Wikipedia writers.

Reliable: The source material should come from a website/book/Newspaper that is well known and has editorial integrity. It’s quite easy to set up a blog and write on it whatever you want to use it as a source in your Wikipedia article, but wouldn’t be considered reliable by Wikipedia editors. On the other hand, an article published in the New York Times would be considered reliable by all Wikipedia writers.

Sources: Wikipedia highly values secondary sources. In other words, Wikipedia wants to include what other people have said about a particular subject. For example, if you were to create a page about Tesla the company, you wouldn’t want to use content that the company has published on their website as a source. Rather you want to include what a finance magazine may have said about Tesla. That’s what secondary sources is all about.

Independent of the subject: A Wikipedia writer must not use content as a source if it has been created by the subject. When writing about the CEO of a company, you cannot use what the CEO has written on his blog. You must only use those sources that the CEO cannot directly influence. In other words, sources should be independent.


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